About us

Extreme sports club “Tangra” – Asenovgrad has been created in 2001 by a group of enthusiasts keen on air sports , mainly – paragliding. From this moment it begins its course in practicing other sports at amateour level.

It is registered in accordance with all legal requirements, with UIC: 115747087; registration in the Ministry of physical education and sports, full member of “Bulgarian National Aeroclub” /BNAC/. The club works in close co-operation with Municipality Asenovgrad on various projects.

Our main goal is to promote and show people the nature and the passion for sports. The sports popular in the  club are: paragliding, mountain bike, snowboard, ski, windsurf and climbing.

Trough the years the club grows constantly and from 5-6 persons in the beggining, nowadays it has more tha n 50 members.

In time and with the enthusiasm came the ideas and traditions: following its main goals, the club has organized different events: two photographic events /’The world trough our eyes”2009 and “Shared horizonts” 2010/. Along with that an annual festival of extreme sports “Asenovgrad – the city of adventure” has turned into tradition and is held every year at the end of June.  It became one of the largest events in the region, gaining popularity and on national level.

 On this page we welcome you to join our world… the world of advetures shared with friends.


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